Is Your Parking Lot Hurting Your Business?

When your customers pull into your parking lot, are they welcomed with a well-maintained area to park their vehicle? You may not think your parking lot makes much of a difference when it comes to your brand, but that is not true. The first and last place in-person customers see when visiting your brick and mortar business is your parking lot. If tripping in a pot hole or other safety issues occur in your parking area, it could affect your brand and hurt your business. Here are a few ways to improve your asphalt parking area for your customers.

  • Repairs and Resealing. You want your parking lot to look good and be safe. Repair pot holes and cracks in your pavement to prevent damage to vehicles or safety issues for customers. Also, reseal your asphalt every few years to keep it smooth and attractive.
  • Painting. Keep up with parking stall painting to create adequate parking spaces for your customers. Hire a paving contractor that offers professional parking lot painting to create more stalls and safe crosswalks for your customers.
  • New Curbs. Curbs can help prevent vehicles driving onto sidewalks or other areas that present dangers to pedestrians. Maintain and replace curbs as needed.
  • Lighting for Safety. Keep your parking well-lit during all hours. This helps ensure the safety of your customers when walking to and from their car at night. Outdoor lighting can help prevent falls, accidents and deter criminal activity.
  • Keep your parking lot clean. Sweep and remove debris regularly to maintain a polished, professional appearance.

Make your parking lot a safe and pleasant area for your customers. Schedule ongoing maintenance to improve the image of your business.

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