Reduce Business Injury Liability with Outside Maintenance

As a business owner, you need to minimize risks that can hurt your bottom line. Maintaining a safe property is a crucial element to reduce the chance of injuries for workers and customers. This includes outdoor areas where customers and employees park and walk. Maintaining parking lots and sidewalks should be a priority to reduce the chance of injury accidents on your commercial property.

Premise liability laws cover accidents that occur on property due to unsafe conditions. There are also laws that cover safety regulations for businesses to protect employees from injury. For business owners, it is important to reduce risks of injury accidents. Outdoors, this means maintaining parking lots and sidewalks that are safe and free from tripping or fall hazards.

Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance

To reduce chances of fall injuries, all paved surfaces should be maintained. Cleaning and sweeping paved walkways and parking areas can reduce tripping hazards. If snow or ice is present, shoveling and deicing is needed to prevent slips and falls. In addition to daily and weekly maintenance, there may be needed repairs. This includes leveling sidewalks that have settled or cracked and repairing holes in the parking areas. Repairing asphalt and concrete surface is important to reduce risk of accidents. Paving surface repairs also protect your property and improve the appearance of your business.

Injury accidents can be costly. Even if you have premise liability insurance coverage, you may experience higher premiums and costs when injuries occur on your property. Keeping up on outside maintenance, including parking lot and sidewalk repairs, can reduce your risk of injuries to your customers and employees, protecting them and your bottom line.

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