3 Reasons to Use Natural Stone for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Are you planning to build a convenient outdoor kitchen to make meals for patio dining and entertaining? One of the decisions you need to make is what material you will use to build your outdoor island and cabinets. Wood is not a great option for outdoor surfaces, requiring excessive maintenance to protect it from the elements. However, natural stone is an ideal surface for outdoor kitchens for these three excellent reasons:

  1. Natural stone does not need protection from the elements – it has already spent thousands of years exposed to rain, wind and sun. This makes it perfect for weathering the seasons outdoors and durable enough to last for many years; plus, stone is naturally fire-proof, an important feature for your outdoor kitchen.
  2. Easy to maintain. Natural stone is easy to clean and maintain. It can be pressure washed – imagine a kitchen that can be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer! Plus, if damage does occur to a paver or stone, it can be replaced individually, saving time and money on repairs. There is little maintenance that is needed to keep stone looking wonderful.
  3. Stunning aesthetics. There is nothing like natural stone for unique and classic beauty. An outdoor kitchen made from natural stone is a stunning addition to your outdoor living space that will increase the value of your home.

Natural stone is a beautiful and functional option for creating an outdoor kitchen that will last and be easy to maintain. Find a local paving company that offers natural stone outdoor kitchen creations to give your outdoor space a convenient cooking area that you will love.

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Beat The Heat With An Outdoor Kitchen!

Coming home and cooking dinner on a hot summer day is rarely a fun experience. Even if your home is cool with the help of air conditioning, there are better ways to cook a meal when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. While an outdoor grill is great, why not create an entire cooking area outside to make fantastic meals in the fresh air? Custom outdoor kitchens have become extremely popular in the warmer regions of the country, making them a great home improvement project to get started on this summer. 

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Designing an outdoor kitchen is all about convenience. Most people still want their gas or charcoal grill to be incorporated into their design, with the addition of other appliances to make cooking outdoors enjoyable. Adding some counter space, a sink, refrigerator and cupboards can make a small corner of a patio into the ultimate cooking area. 

On top of the added convenience, outdoor kitchens need to blend into your outdoor design. Many people choose to use natural stone for the floors, as well as for covering the counters and outside cabinets. Travertine pavers or tumbled marble are popular choices of natural stone; however, bricks,  formed pavers or concrete can be used effectively to create a beautiful, yet functional outdoor kitchen space. 

To build your new outdoor kitchen, you need a contractor who is experienced in both designing outdoor cooking spaces and working with materials like natural stone or pavers. Look for a paving contractor who offers custom outdoor kitchen design and has experience working with the types of materials you want to use to ensure your outdoor kitchen is made to your specifications.

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