Is it Time for a New Concrete Sidewalk?

Concrete sidewalks can last for decades, but even this durable material will eventually need replacement. Erosion, settling, water intrusion, plants and other factors can take their toll on concrete sidewalks, making them unsightly and even hazardous. Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your old concrete sidewalk versus having it repaired.

Large Cracks

Concrete will crack, it is inevitable. Small cracks can be repaired and filled, but when larger cracks appear, it may be time to replace your sidewalk. Large cracks will allow more water intrusion, causing more settling and uneven surfaces that can be dangerous. Plus, those cracks invite plant growth, making it more difficult to keep your sidewalk looking clean and kempt.

Unlevel Sections

If one section settles, or tree roots push up a section, your sidewalk becomes a danger zone. These unlevel areas can be a tripping hazard, leading to falls and injuries. If someone is hurt on your property, you can be liable for their injuries and at risk for lawsuits.

Crumbling Edges

When the edges of your sidewalk begin crumbling away, it is time to replace, not repair. Concrete will eventually break apart due to its porous nature and will need complete replacement at this point to retain the form and function you desire.

When your old sidewalk is showing the signs of severe disrepair, it is best to put your money into replacement versus endless repairs. Contact your local paving contractor that offers sidewalk installation to create a new walkway that will look and function as it should. It can protect you from liability from fall accidents and improve the overall look of your home or business.

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Options for Old, Worn Concrete

If you have a concrete driveway, walkway or patio that’s beginning to show signs of age, it’s time to consider your options. Cracks and stains in old concrete can detract from the value of your home, as well as become dangerous if the concrete’s no longer level. Tearing up concrete can be very expensive, leaving homeowners to wonder about other available options. Consider these options for repairing or resurfacing old concrete:

Cleaning and Repair

Depending on the amount of damage to your concrete surface, it may just need cleaning or some minor repairs to bring it back to life. A thorough cleaning and spot repair can remove old stains and fix small cracks or chips in the surface.


If the damage to your concrete is deeper or more extensive than just a few stains or cracks, you can choose to have your concrete resurfaced. Your concrete will be cleaned and repaired first, then covered with a new coating of concrete that will give a brand new surface to cover the marred material below.

Adding Aesthetic Appeal

One benefit of resurfacing your concrete is the option to add aesthetic appeal to your driveway or patio area. You can choose to add decorative colors, stamping for a cobbled appearance or an aggregate finish with small stones to your resurfacing, creating a completely new look for your home.

Before spending the money to have old concrete removed, talk to your local concrete paving company about what options are available to save your concrete surface. It can be a much more affordable option than total replacement while still giving your property a brand new look.

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