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Atlanta Driveway Replacement

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Is it time to have your driveway repaired or replaced? Do you have an asphalt or concrete driveway that is in disrepair? Call PKS Paving today and let our trained experts do a free onsite Atlanta driveway replacement evaluation. Let our team determine the severity of your driveway damage and offer the most cost effective and long term solution available.

PKS Paving handles all types of Atlanta driveway replacement projects, from total driveway replacement to crack sealing. Our highly trained team can determine if your driveway simply needs to be repaired or completely replaced. You can trust our honest opinion and competitive offer. We will return your inquiry call within 24 hours and provide you with a comprehensive written proposal in no more than 48 hours. We want your decision to trust PKS Paving for your Atlanta driveway replacement to be the easiest choice you have to make.

We can repair and replace driveways for homeowners, business owners or building contractors. We handle both asphalt and concrete driveway work. In addition to Atlanta driveway replacement, call PKS Paving for asphalt seal coating, parking lot striping, crack sealing, pothole repair and more. Most driveway repairs can be completed by repairing the damaged section. Our team will first evaluate the sub grade that lies beneath your driveway. Your sub grade is the earth or ground underneath your driveway. Often times cracking, potholes and other driveway damage are caused by a failing sub grade. If the integrity of your driveways sub grade is not good, we will repair that first and then fix your driveway.

If a “section fix” cannot be done properly to repair your driveway and we need to do an entire Atlanta driveway replacement; we will offer several driveway replacement options for you to choose from, including some decorative concrete work that can enhance the beauty of your driveway. Call today and let PKS Paving come out for a free onsite evaluation and proposal.

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